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Bird Watching Tour


We recommend less no of guest in a group for bird watchinh tour at Sundarban, as it's require complete silliance & patience to observe the birds at Sundarban Mangrove forest Number of Species: 220

SUNDERBAN Bird watching tour


Approximately 220 species of birds in the sunderbans .A list of birds l have seen in the sunderban for 10 years(2007-2017).

GOOSE AND DUCKS ********************

1.Bar-headed goose.(25/11/17) 2.lesser whistling duck. 3.common shelduck . 4.Ruddy shelduck. 5.cotton pygmy goose. 6.Gadwall. 7.Falcated duck .(15/01/15). 8.Eurasian wigeon. 9.Northern pintail. 10.Northern shoveler . 11.Red-crested pochard. 12.Common pochard.

WOODPECKERS ***************

13.Rufous woodpecker. 14.Grey capped pygmy woodpecker. 15.Fulvous breasted woodpecker. 16.Lesser yellow nape woodpecker. 17.Streak throated woodpecker. 18.Greater flame back woodpecker. 19.Black rumped flame back woodpecker.

BARBETS **********

20.Lineated Berbet. 21.White cheeked Barbet. 22.Blue throated Barbet. 23.coppersmith Barbet.

SHRIKES **********

24.Brown Shrike. 25.long tailed shrike.

CROWS *********

26.House crow. 27.Large billed crow.

KINGFISHERS(k.f) ***************

28.Common kingfisher. 29.White throated k.f 30.Pied k.f 31.Brown winged k.f 32.Black capped k.f 33.Collared k.f 34.Ruddy k.f 35.Stork billed k.f

BEE EATERS *************

36.Green bee eater. 37.Blue tailed bee eater.

CUCKOOS **********

38.Pied cuckoo. 39.Chestnut winged cuckoo. 40.Common hawk cuckoo. 41.Indian cuckoo. 42.Eurasian cuckoo. 43.Plaintive cuckoo.

PARAKEETS ************

44.Rose ringed parakeet. 45.Plum headed parakeet.

OWLS *****

46.Barn Owl. 47.Brown fish Owl. 48.Buffy fish Owl.(resident) 49. Spotted Owlet. 50.Indian scops Owl.(2015-18 my house) 51.Brown hawk Owl(2018 my house)

NIGHTJARS ************

52.Large tailed nightjar.

DOVES *******

53.Oriental Turtle dove 54.Spotted dove. 55.Red collared dove. 56.Eurasian Collared dove. 57.Emerald dove.

GREEN PIGEONS *****************

58.Orange Breasted green pigeon 59.Yellow Footed green pigeon. 60.Pompadour green pigeon.

ORIOLES. AND CUCKOO SHRIKES **********************************

61.Golden Oriole. 62.Black Naped Oriole. 63.Black hooded oriole 64.Large cuckoo shrike 65.Black winged cuckoo shrike 66.Black headed cuckoo shrike

WADERS *********

67.Common snipe 68. Whimbrel 69.Eurasian Curlew 70.Common red shank 71.Common green shank 72.Terek sandpiper 73.Common sandpiper 74.Ruddy Turnstone 75.little stint 76.Dunlin(2008) 77.Pheasant tailed jacana 78.Bronze winged jacana 79.Great thick knee 80.Grey plover 81.Pacific golden plover 82.Little ringed plover 83.Kentish plover 84.Lesser sand plover

LAPWINGS ************

85.Grey headed lapwing 86.Red wattled lapwing

GULLS *********

87.Hegelians gull 88.Pallas's gull 89.Brown headed gull 90.Black headed gull

TERNS *********

91.River Tern 92.Common Tern 93.Little Tern 94.Whiskered Tern

DARTER AND CORMORANTS *********************************

95.Derter 96.little cormorant 97.Indian cormorant 98.Great Cormorant

MINIVETS AND FLYCATCHERS *************************************

99. Small miniver 100.White throated fantail

DRONGOS *************

101.Black drongo 102.Ashy drongo 103.Bronzed drongo 104.White bellied drongo( my village pakhirala2012)

EGRETS,HERONS AND BITTERNS *********************************

105.Little egret 106.Great egret 107.Intermediate egret 108.Cattle egret 109.Indian pond heron 110.Grey heron 111.GOLIATH HERON(pirkhali-3 06/10/2013, 10.35 a.m) 112.Purple heron 113.Little heron 114.Black crowned night heron 115.Yellow bittern 116.Black bittern 117.Cinnamon bittern

THRUSHES ***************

118.Blue rock thrush 119.Blue capped rock thrush 120.Orange headed thrush. 121.SIBERIAN THRUSH(Dobanki watch tower.19/10/13....2.10 p.m ) 122.EYEBROWED THRUSH(same time) 123.Scaly thrush 124.Tickell's thrush

BULBULS ************

125.Red vented bulbul 126.Red whiskered bulbul

FLYCATCHERS AND CHATS *****************************

127.Asian brown flycatcher 128.Red throated flycatcher 129.Verditer flycatcher 130.Siberian ruby throat. 131.GOLDEN BUSH Robin .female. (19/11/12 sajnekhali) 132.Oriental magpie Robin 133.Back redstart. 134.Common stonechat 135.Tiga flycatcher 136.Blue throat

LARKS *******

137.Greater short toed lark 138.Oriental sky lark

STARLINGS ************

139.Chestnut tailed starling 140.Brahminy starling 141.Asian pied starling 142.Common myna 143.Bank myna 144.Jungle myna

PRINIAS ********

145.Jungle prinia 146.Yellow bellied prinia 147.Plan prinia

WARBLERS AND BABBLERS ******************************

148.Clamorous reed warbler 149.Common chiffchaff 150.Greenish warbler 151.Dusky warbler 152White Browed scimitar babbler(resident) 153.Jungle babbler 154.Striated babbler 155.Abbott's babbler (resident) 156.Chestnut capped babbler(resident)

FLOWER PECKER'S AND SUNBIRDS **************************************

157.Pale belled flowerpecker 158.Scarlet blacked flowerpecker 159.Purple rumped sunbird 160.purple sunbird 161.Loren's sunbird

WAGTAILS AND PIPITS **************************

162.Forest wagtail 163.White wagtail 164.Citrine wagtail 165.Yellow wagtail 166.Grey Wagtail 167.Paddy field pipit 168.Olive black pipit

WEAVERS AND AVADAVATS ******************************

170.Baya weaver 171.Streaked weaver 172.Red avadavat

BUNTINGS,MUNIAS AND FINCHES ************************************

173.Indian silver bill 174.Scaly breasted munia 175.Common rose finch 176.Chestnut Eared bunting(20/10/13)Dobanki w.t) 177.Little bunting 178.Black headed ibis 179.Lesser Adjutant 180.Asian open bill stroke 181.Slaty breasted rail 182.White breasted water hen 183.Watercock 184.Purple swamp hen 185.Common moor hen 186.common coot 187.Little grebe 188.Eurasian wryneck 190.Common hoops 191.Indian roller 192.Green billed malkoha 193.Greater coucal 194.Mangrove pitta 195.Golden Fronted leaf bird 196.Indian rufous treepie 197.Ashy woodswallow 198.Black naped monarch 199.Asian Paradise flycatcher 200.common Iora 201.Great tit 202.Barn swallow 203.Oriental white eye 204.Common tailorbird 205.House sparrow 206.Asian plum swift 207.Red jungle fowl. 208.Asian koel 209.Mangrove whistler 210.Plain Martin 211.Osprey 212.Brahminy kite 213.White belled sea eagle. 214.Short toed snake eagle(Dark morph) 215.Crested Serpent eagle. 216.Black kite 217.Eurasian marsh harrier 218.Pied Harrier 219.Shikra 220.Oriental Honey buzzard 221.Steppe eagle 222.C.H.E (Dark morph) 223.C.H.E (pale morph) 224.Red necked falcon(13/08/15/pikhali-2) 225.Peregrine falcon 226.Eurasian hobby (middle of October 2017 ) 227.Amur falcon (24/11/16 and 2017) 228Grey headed fish eagle(2016 winter) 229.Pallas's fish eagle (03/12/17) 230.Eurasian sparrow hawk (2017) 231.Booted eagle(2017)

2night 3 days bird watching tour itinerary

Day1:- Meet and assist on arrival at Godhkhali,transfer to tourist boat jetty ,leave for Goshaba visit Hamilton Bunglow local market,then leave for Pakhiralay 2 hrs journey by motorized boat,on arrival,check in at hotel,fresh up & leave for Jatirampur Bird Sanctuary ; Sunset cruise, o/n stay at Hotel/ resort.

Day2:-Morning visit Sajnekhali WT, museum ,leave for Birdwatching through various narrow creeks of Mangrov forest , return back to Pakhiralay in the evening,o/n stay.

Day3:- Early morning, leave for bird watching tour through different narrow creeks of Sundarban, lastly visit Sudhanya Khali watch tower in the evening return back to Godhkhali,end of tour.

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